Is this your Challenge?

Thinking of starting up a company in Life Sciences? Got a great idea but not sure how to commercialise it? Then, if you're up for it, the Venture Challenge may be exactly what you're looking for.

This website is featuring the Venture Challenge editions from 2008 untill 2014. As from January 2015 new calls and other relevant information is published at

Pave your way to success

The Venture Challenge is one of the LifeSciences@work’s activities aimed at stimulating and supporting Life Sciences researchers in translating their inventions into viable business ideas. The first Venture Challenge was held in fall 2008.

The Venture Challenge is a ‘must-do’ opportunity for all aspiring Life Sciences entrepreneurs, it is the way to receive coaching and advice on essential elements of setting up a business, thereby paving the way for your future success. It is also superb preparation for the next stage. In two 3-day workshops, the facilitators and other ‘competing’ teams will challenge you to focus your business idea to create optimal customer value, and you will learn to pitch your business case.

The first Venture Challenge was held in fall 2008. Eleven editions were sponsored by the Netherlands Genomics Initiative (NGI). Since 2014 the Venture Challenge is sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Life Sciences Health and BioGeneration Ventures.

The Life Sciencese & Health Venture Challenge is part of the LifeSciences@work start-up support programme:

Check for new calls or the right contacts to help you start your life sciences company.

How will it help me?

Because all future investors or other funding providers will demand proof of concept and financial substantiation of your idea, you’re not going to get anything off the ground without a sound business case.

At the end of the Challenge, you will have a great understanding of what you need to do to set up a business, you will have a venture plan in place, and with a bit of luck you’ll have €25,000 to get your business started.

The Venture Challenge is part of the start-up support programme: LifeSciences@work